Restaurants, hotels, high degree of decentralization, the Internet how to cut into supply chain finance?

Policy monitoring, moral risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, etc., determine the financial industry entrepreneurs to make mistakes costly, and some mistakes even fatal.” Resolute style Wu Yun, well versed in the financial principles of entrepreneurship.
Previously, Wu cloud hotel supply chain financial services “dream Duo” has quickly spread across the country, but the strategic contraction in August 2016, the main layout of Beijing Tianjin Hebei District, later gradually extended to Shanghai as the center of the Eastern District, Wuhan as the center of the Central District of Chengdu, Chongqing as the center of the southwest district and Xi’an as the center of the Northwest district.
Restaurants and hotels are extremely fragmented and standardized services are key
Dream duo to asset management capabilities into catering hotel supply chain financial services, mainly selected the 123 line of the city business for more than 3 years, more than 3 stores, with continued profitability of the hotel, restaurant chain, through online data analysis, do adjust the line etc., provided with the single 20-100 million of the supply chain finance and as the credit financing.
I choose the B end of the supply chain financial services, Wu Yun pointed out that the “C terminal project easy on the amount, but the individual user loyalty is relatively low, many cases were off the high cost, need to rely on the burn subsidies, and the final competition to oligopoly supply chain businesses; although the early development of high cost, but it is easy to form a strong to improve the relationship, late renewal rates, lower marginal costs; at the same time, the financial giant no winner take advantage. Therefore, B end merchants can become the real target customers of the Internet vertical service companies.”
However, many vertical industry supply chain has been relatively mature, Internet service companies to enter the more difficult. Wu Yun pointed out that the hotel market is extremely fragmented, traditional financial institutions such as banks credit difficult credit loans to it; in addition, catering software service providers in the data dimension and depth of data independent, credit risk is difficult to objectively assess the enterprise; and the small and medium-sized enterprise financial general catering and hotel class is not standardized and transparent, and the single loan amount can be small, the high cost of financial services.
Wu Yun said, “on the one hand, the current in the fast chain, brand stage of China’s hospitality industry, the rapid expansion of capital is just; in addition, the catering industry iteration speed, in recent years to open new stores annual mortality rate of up to 30%-40%, the competition winning brand also needs regular layout of the store and shop renovation. On the other hand, food and beverage industry Maori higher, the effect of capital leverage is obvious, therefore, enterprises are relatively insensitive to the cost of capital.”
In this process, “the core competence of the Internet supply chain financial service provider is the acquisition and management of assets, and this capability is characterized by standardization, replication and scale of products and services.”.” Dream duo actually take a relatively standard industry financial services are standardized, it through credit evaluation, financial management, risk management, the integration of online and offline, mining credit value management data scattered from the catering business in.

American Cotton Association promotes hotel comfort standard in China

Recently, the United States International Cotton Association held the first CHINA COTTONDAY in Chinese, “global trust American cotton, the theme of the current selection and comfortable travel” sustainable development Chinese Turist Hotel industry study. The professional dialogue invited the representatives of the United States International Cotton Association and the Chinese Turist Hotel Association Hotel representatives to participate in in-depth understanding of the “comfortable travel” understanding and thinking.
[Beijing] recently, the United States International Cotton Association held the first CHINA COTTONDAY in Chinese, “global trust American cotton, the theme of the current selection and comfortable travel” sustainable development Chinese Turist Hotel industry study. The professional dialogue invited the representatives of the United States International Cotton Association and the Chinese Turist Hotel Association Hotel representatives to participate in in-depth understanding of the “comfortable travel” understanding and thinking.
As a global symbol of American International Cotton Association, CHINA COTTON DAY aims to enrich the product depth exchanges and trade shows, pure passion and vision, a comprehensive presentation of COTTON USA, at the same time promote certification brand and business representatives to seek more business opportunities. The “CHINA COTTONDAY” set up a special industry forum, exhibition hall and mini theme links, bedding and bathroom towels from the 14 COTTONUSA certification of enterprise products, Zhuo Yuepin vividly demonstrates the quality and cost and bring the application in the United States cotton hotel supplies the advantage of saving.
Mr. Atherley, President of Bruce implementation of the United States International Cotton Association said, “the United States International Cotton Association has a long history of There is nothing comparable to this set, the quality of identification standards for global cotton, and to provide a uniform, consistent from beginning to end without impurities, high quality cotton, we hope to lead the industry change and progress, for people to create a better life the experience of the world.”
Hotel brands all over the world are trying to provide guests with a comfortable home experience, and an important part is to ensure that natural and healthy textile products are provided in the guest rooms. It is understood that there are more and more hotel supplies and related enterprises began to cooperate with the United States International Cotton Association, COTTONUSA has begun to hotel products in the form of entry into this professional field. Based on consumer perceptions of COTTONUSA’s brand excellence, consumers are more comfortable and serene in their journey when they learn about the use of American cotton in their hotel products.

Upscale hotels change to civilian routes, with less than 50 yuan for single self help

42 yuan, the star hotel in Huzhou was originally just a home food price, but now the price can go to star hotel to enjoy a single buffet.
Two days ago, 3 colleagues Huzhou public office to invite Xiao Zhou, a four star Hotel Lake City Longxi Road on the table. The buffet here is ordered, and the customer takes the number on the table to the display area. The kitchen will be served by the waiter. “Liquor-Saturated Chicken, sour soup with beef, braised fish, fried mushrooms, garlic Scallop in Shell……” Xiao Zhou said, 4 of them are 10 dishes, buffet meal while without waiting, but the things on the table are reeky, good taste, and according to the number of hotel launched a “small dish”, such as a Scallop in Shell disc 4, just one person, to avoid wasting.
In addition to five-star hotel environment, taste and service, the most satisfied with the price is to let Xiao Zhou, “this hotel is Lake City veteran upscale hotel, have a meal down, the per capita consumption of one hundred or two hundred yuan, is the most common thing, now only 4 people spent 168 yuan, designated free beer drink, fruit for each table as a disc, so affordable.” The same day, the reporter saw in this hotel, the first floor of the lobby is basically full.
It is understood that the high-end hotel to go the civilian route, in the lake city is not uncommon, and Longxi Road on this hotel just across the street to another hotel, meal buffet also featured high quality and inexpensive, either lunch or dinner, buffet price is 42 yuan per person, attracted a lot of people chasing bar, every meal point higher attendance.
Luxury hotel, why all the lower figure to go the civilian route? Reporters learned that on the one hand, the central government introduced the eight provisions since public funds wind can be effectively curbed, the greatest impact is the high-end food and beverage industry, “austerity, against waste” represent the general trend stepped up the pace of transformation of high-end dining; on the other hand, more and more, in an increasingly saturated market, launched more friendly, more down to earth service and price, it is necessary for the hotel to seize the market.
Take away, buy, buffet, Lake City high-end dining transformation in recent years, the most commonly used tricks. Reporters noted that in many online group purchase, high-end restaurants to eat strong popularity, star hotel has become a common way of life of young people. In addition to being squeezed into online marketing, some luxury hotels have launched a business package to carry out takeout business for white-collar workers. In doing online marketing at the same time, high-end hotels also have also played the abolition of the minimum consumption of signs, cheap drinks pricing and supermarkets and online almost, under full cut full of gifts and other promotional activities.
When the average citizen began to become the target customer of a luxury hotel, some hotels tasted the benefits. A hotel owner told reporters: “although the profits of a single customer thin, but the amount of customers to do, and every month turnover is increasing.”.” And there are brands, high-quality high-end restaurants, put down the shelf, fight prices, spell service, and ultimately consumers or consumers, to eat a cost-effective and more secure food.

Men stay in Fuzhou Hotel, see “sister” situation is difficult to control, behavior out of control

Taiwan network May 26th hearing, according to Fuzhou news network reported that the field to banyan work man when staying in a hotel in Fuzhou, see the hotel attendant and his just died sister appearance similar. Men difficult to self-control, stepped forward to pull each other’s hands crying, scared the other hurried to the station police station before the police.
Late on May 21st, 11 am, the police station in front of the area to receive a hotel alarm, said the passenger Zhou seems to be mentally normal, and I hope the police arrived at the scene to help. Police rushed to the scene and saw a man squatting in the lobby of the hotel.
Upon inquiry, the man said he was from Sichuan, 25 years old, from childhood parents died, and sisters depend on each other. Last month, my sister died of illness, he handled the funeral, take the train to Fuzhou to work. As I had no money, I spent a long time walking around the railway station, intending to check in at the hotel. To the hotel to see the front desk clerk and his sister very much like him, just pull the waiter hands crying sometimes out of control, no harm. Police will be brought back to Zhou, but also invited a psychological teacher, Zhou psychological counseling. After that, the police drove the vehicle to Zhou to settle at the rescue station.

International brand hotels have launched an upgraded version of Chinese services

From a bowl of rice congee to fall belly, “hello”, more and more foreign hotels began to provide Chinese service, and whether to provide a variety of “Chinese service” has become an important standard for many guests of Select Hotel.
A survey of hotel operators, hotel operators began to pay attention to more than half of the residents is Chinese millennials tourists, 56% Chinese tourists at the Check Inn Hotel, the front desk will obtain independent tour guide information, to provide free wireless network, equipped with hot water once again become the most popular service demand for China tourists, respectively before two, the subsequent appeal is to provide Chinese breakfast and hotel slippers.
All along, Shangri-La’s hotel in the Chinese restaurant has been well received.
Recently, a new service Shangri-La Hotel Group officially released for guests to create China outbound experience — “Xiang poly” plan, at present it has been implemented in the Chinese menu, Chinese TV channel, Chinese tea room, mini bar, Chinese fast food surface, power conversion plug, bilingual registration form and Chinese restaurant on the basis of “Xiang poly” special plan launched seven landmark service. From August 1st this year, the new “fragrant poly” experience will be opened at the Island Shangri-la Hotel in Hongkong, and will be launched in the rest of the hotel, and is expected to be fully implemented by the end of this year.

The report says competition in China’s high-end hotel industry will be hot in the next few years

Swiss Hotel Des Roches Management Institute issued a report in Shanghai on 5 May, the next few years, China’s high-end hotel industry will develop rapidly, and the competition in this area will also be white hot.
The report said, the China Tradition Hotel industry is experiencing a huge impact on the new industrial model Internet plus “era, many hotel is facing a huge challenge, to aim at the high-end market, in order to break through the transition. In recent years, both the old Econo Hotel, or high-end hotels have moved, through acquisitions and acquisitions integration of market resources, and constantly to the high-end market penetration.
Old hotel group first brigade merged the economic chain hotel company, Home Inn, in order to more accurate positioning of high-end market, launched in 2016, such as home travel business, and “Yi supreme” and other high-end new brands. “After the upgrade of the middle end hotel, each room available revenue is expected to rise by 1.3 to 1.8 times,” the first brigade hotel in its earnings forecast.
Other economic chain hotels, platinum Tao, Chinese front court, etc., are also increasing the intensity of high-end brands in transition, trying to seek new profit points. Spain Barcelona platinum Tao Group group which is a renowned European hotel brand to introduce China, then launched a high-end hotel brand group LifestyleLab, this series of actions is interpreted as the industry strategy of platinum Tao trying to get rid of the “7 days” and “economic” label.
At the same time in the market competition, the international hotel group to be outdone: Accor alliance live in China, Marriott International Hotel and East was jointly launched Wan Feng Hotel, Hilton introduced two brand positioning in the end, are shown in the high-end market is becoming a major hotel brand “Hong bobo”.
Paco hotel group president Wang Songzhi said, the next 3 to 5 years, Chinese in high-end hotel industry will appear “blowout type development”. The Swiss Hotel Des Roches Management Institute chief executive Sonia Tata said: “behind the rapid development in the high-end market, it is China growing middle class market and the change of consumption concept, the future we will see this area of intense competition.

Domestic first hotel business life service platform city living through the official release

In May 27, 2017, the search network, Chongqing City Brigade Hotel Industry Association, the world alliance, One Touch hotel service (Dubai), jointly organized four ark text brigade industry group, Wuhan Hotel Industry Association, China hotel industry investment and Marketing Summit ended in Chongqing.
This forum for the 2 major themes of dialogue, 9 keynote speeches, the hotel more than 300 people gathered in Chongqing, from the background of the development of hotel group, the brand, the platform, to discuss the future development direction of investment and marketing Chinese in hotel industry, with professional face to face, with a large coffee, data sharing, speech view of dialogue link, bring people a specification, content, value of the hotel industry summit.
The Summit Hotel scene data sharing enterprise, Guangzhou travel articles Mdt InfoTech Ltd chief strategy officer Mr. Tang Jianming carried out a detailed data sharing on the 2016 annual hotel user behavior, and at the summit officially released the first domestic hotel business service platform. The city lived through the platform, deep data Hotel, by tracking and mining, to live in the analysis of the data for customers around the instantaneity, clear picture, continuity, relevance, emotional scene in the hotel marketing, customer behavior prediction, the realization of “the effect of thousands of thousands of people, to help the hotel to screen the whole scene precision marketing and customer experience intelligent!
The city lived through the platform, at the same time service at the end of the B Hotel and the C side of the hotel customers for cooperation of the hotel, the city lived through the hotel industry data to hotel management to better understand the customer’s individual needs and preferences, in order to better serve the client C, especially the main income for the hotel membership and long staying guests. For the end user C, lived through the platform to the hotel as the core, the integration of resources around the hotel, to create food, travel, shopping and entertainment around the hotel ecosystem, with data for customers to carry out intelligent screening, through the processing of large data for hotel customers to create a more comfortable, more warm, more intelligent and more convenient business.
It is reported that the city lived through the platform operator, Guangzhou travel articles Mdt InfoTech Ltd, at the end of March this year, in the seventeenth session of China Global Hotel Forum, one gains the Golden Horse Award for the “Chinese hotel industry Chinese The Best Hotel scene data marketing platform operators award. As a leading domestic hotel, big data analysis operators, carrying the hotel industry for more than ten years, providing industry-leading hotel information and data analysis solutions. The various formats articles joinedforces with tourism industry as the core to the hotel service scene, is committed to creating a “platform + content + channel + application” open and expand new hotel ecological pattern, through the hotel scene data analysis for the hotel to provide the king wisdom of precision marketing, to create a more suitable hotel scene for the restaurant consumption the crowd, subvert the Tradition Hotel occupancy experience, and fundamentally improve the quality of business life.
At the same time, according to reports, at present, the city through the cooperation of the object of 3, 4, 5 star hotel, as well as high-end hotel chain group. For Ctrip and other online hotel booking platform, the city through to help it better online maintenance and service hotel customers. After this time of market development, the city has been living through the 200 multi Hotel, service more than 30000 rooms. In the 16 years of mature services to Jiangsu market development experience, has now started rapid expansion of cities across the country. In the future, the city living through the platform will serve as a hotel business life service platform, better service to thousands of business travelers. Use hotel scene big data, help hotel whole scene accurate sale, the journey that opens individuation to experience a journey for the client!

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